Destroyed Lives(1)
“If there is no struggle there is no progress. … This struggle may be a moral one, or it may be a physical one, and it may be both moral and physical, but it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.”
Frederick Douglass (1857)

Were You or Your Family Treated by Dr. Ewen Cameron?

What: Walk With Us Protest Rally & Destroyed Lives Documentary Film

When:  11am to 2pm, Sept. 18th, 2020

Where:  Allan Memorial Institute, McGill University Campus, Montreal, Canada

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Walk With Us (2)

Protest Rally #2

Convening at the Allan Memorial Institute, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
2.5 hours of Speakers at the Allan Memorial Hospital front
1/2 hour walk through McGill University Campus
Disbursing at Roddick Gates on Sherbrooke St
Sept. 18th, 2020, 11am to 2pm
Watch the first rally in Oct. 2019 at Parliament Hill and the US Embassy in Ottawa, Ontario, the capital city of Canada.

Following up on rally #1 on October 6th 2019, Montreal Experiments Class Action continues to bring public awareness to our case.

Without your support we may be relegated to the dustbin of history.

We know that public outrage is what moves the entrenched establishment to act.

We are correcting history by adding our voices to the narrative concerning the ever growing exposure of the dark deeds and secret groups behind Dr. Ewen Cameron.

How can survivors and their progeny be left out?

We will not be suppressed any longer.

Documentary Film

Survivors of non consentual torture experiments performed at the Allan Memorial in Montreal by Dr. Ewen Cameron in the 50’s & 60’s are raising awareness for our class action lawsuits by staging a rally, Walk With Us, and making a documentary, Destroyed Lives, on the day. April 17th. 2020 at the Allan Memorial Hospital at McGill University in Montreal Quebec Canada.

Montreal Experiments Class Action  believes that by allying with like minded organizations, endorsers & influencers, we can spur the entrenched establishment (that still upholds systems that allow for medical crimes to pervade) to correct this abomination in our history.

The crimes that went on against ourselves & our families are the basis of many systems that continue to destroy lives today.

Most mental health & law enforcement professionals have no clue that this went on.

How many more generations will suffer in silence at the hands of establishment approved, state sponsored torture?

Both lawsuits are being heard this year in Quebec courtrooms. Montreal Experiments Class Action wants to bring our cases to the public spotlight so that the survivors themselves may speak.

Too much suppression and narrative defining has dogged our cases for 50 years since the Church Committee Hearing in the US, and several no fault ex gratia payments made from the Canadian Government. 

Nobody went to jail. Nobody was punished. Victims were not properly compensated.

Direct Action

Alan Stein is representing the direct action case. He has represented other survivors in the past, including Allison Steele who helped bring this cause back into the public spot light in Dec. 2017.

Class Action

Consumer Law Group in Montreal Quebec, Canada is representing the case for –

“All persons who underwent depatterning treatment at the Allan Memorial Institute in Montreal, Quebec, between 1948 and 1964 using Donald Ewan Cameron’s methods (the “Montreal Experiments”) and their successors, assigns, family members, and dependents or any other group to be determined by the Court”

Please see the application for certification for the complete legal file.

The Speakers

Honorary Guest Speaker

Lana Ponting

Shelf Glass

78 year old survivor of Dr. Ewen Cameron himself, Lana Ponting remembers the horrors she endured at his hands. She cried for 3 days when she read her hospital records.

There are few living survivors left, that is why it is so important to hear from them. There is more to her story and we want to hear it and have it on record for history.

After almost an entire lifetime spent suffering in silence, Lana is eager to tell her story and receive long overdue compensation. The “treatments” she went through are now identified as human rights abuse, criminal torture and sadism.

We are crowdfunding your support to bring Lana and the other speakers to the event.

Featured Speakers

Ellen Atkin

Ellen Atkin (lead organizer) is advocating for her long dead, long suffering parents, Jane and John Atkin.

Ellen identifies as MK Ultra girl. Before that, she saw her mother in a film clip from 1953 receiving electroshock by Dr. Ewen Cameron with 5 or 6 nurses. Another image looking like her father in a patient setting surfaced as well. These startling events can never be undone.  

Years of persistence initiated by seeking justice, led to getting her mother’s and father’s hospital records from the Allan Memorial Institute. Lists of barbaric treatments including massive drugging, sleep therapy and depatterning are evidence of their status as hard core victims of the Montreal Experiments.

Ellen is advocating another lawsuit for child victims of trauma based mind control experiments. Ellen will speak on the connections between the experiments on her parents and the current problem called gang stalking and the targeted individual programme.

Ellen is a member of the CLG lawsuit.


Susan Brown

Because of the overt targeting that has occured over the launching of Walk With Us Rally & Destroyed Lives Documentary Film, Susan Brown is an alias until we have her in front of the mic.

Susan was accessed as a non consenting child into the trauma based mind control experiment programme. Susan has given talks and speeches on how she spent 15 years recovering from the memories of her abuse.

Her mother was a patient of Dr. Ewen Cameron at the Allan Memorial Institute in Montreal, Canada during the time period specified in the lawsuits. Susan is a member of the CLG class action.

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